centro Umanamente

The Center Umanamente is a multidisciplinary team, made up of qualified professionals with different backgrounds and specialities, who help the family as a whole, for the promotion of health, the prevention and treatment of distress, being it psychological, physical or legal. The Center offers support to adults who feel the need to deal with personal issues, to parents who find difficulties in their parental role, to couples, to children and adolescents in their developmental phases.

All interventions are of high quality and are focused on the person as a whole, with physical, psychological and relational strengths and needs.

The Center Umanamente was born from the idea of offering families different professional competences and interventions, made common by the goal of supporting and sustaining the family system in the various phases and difficulties each of its members may encounter.

The team is made up clinical psychologists, psychotherapists, art therapists, speech and language therapists, pediatricians, nutritionists, psychiatrists, a doula, and a lawyer. The team works in an integrated manner to provide families and individuals the possibility to receive, in one place, assessments, formulations and interventions, which are person centred and targeted in the most effective way.

At the center a service of assessment and treatment for specific learning disabilities is available. We also offer training and psychoeducation to schools, for teachers and teaching assistants, and SENCOs.

It is also possible to have psychological counseling or therapy in English.

The Center Umanamente welcomes children and families who have different ethnic and cultural backgrounds, people who speak more than one language and have a history of travelling from a “home” to another.

 Clinical areas: